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20-22 October 2022, National University Hospital (NUH), Singapore

The NUH Ocular Surface, Dry Eyes & Dacryology Symposium 2022 Banner
20-22 October 2022, National University Hospital (NUH), Singapore


Dear friends and honoured guests,

It is with immense pleasure that we invite you to the NUH Ocular Surface, Dry Eyes & Dacryology Symposium come 20th to 22nd October 2022. Originally scheduled in 2020, Covid struck the whole world, broad and deep, inflicting a huge toll on the economy, the environment and humanity. While online education became popular, personal interaction and direct interpersonal transgenerational learning was severely compromised with pent up demand. There are some skills which are best transferred in person.

Our 3-day symposium put together by our Cornea & Ocular Surface, as well as Orbit & Oculofacial teams brings together all facets of state-of-the-art knowledge with essential learning for general ophthalmologists, cornea & ocular surface specialists and Oculoplastic surgeons with a special interest in diseases and surgery of the lacrimal drainage system.

With over 30 reputed National and International faculty in the field of Dacryology & Dry Eyes, the Symposium is partnered by the International Society of Dacryology & Dry Eyes (ISD-DE) and the Singapore Society of Ophthalmic Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery (SSOPRS). Through this collaborative force, we have brought together great international expertise and knowledge, bridging the gap between variably privileged institutions, between general practitioners to quarternary referral specialists and young ophthalmologists with key opinion leaders from around the world.

We hope to whet your appetite in this knowledge feast, which includes a

  • Cadaveric workshop with skills transfer in the state of art Lacrimal Drainage Surgeries including minimally invasive procedures
  • Live Surgical demonstration of endoscopic lacrimal drainage surgeries – dacryocystorhinostomy (DCR) and endoluminal lacrimal duct recanalization (ELDR) and
  • Symposium on cutting edge knowledge surrounding the care of the Ocular Surface, Dry Eyes & Dacryology.

We warmly invite you to come join us, share your experience, interact with the masters in their generosity of sharing, enrich your knowledge and take away pearls to better manage your patients!

Gangadhara Sundar

Dr Gangadhara Sundar
Head & Senior Consultant
Orbit & Oculofacial Service,
Department of Ophthalmology,
  Email Dr Gangadhara Sundar

Ray Manotosh

A/Prof Ray Manotosh
Head & Senior Consultant
Cornea & Refractive Surgery,
Department of Ophthalmology,
  Email A/Prof Ray Manotosh

Blanche Lim

Dr Blanche Lim
Associate Consultant Orbit & Oculofacial Service,
Department of Ophthalmology,
  Email Dr Blanche Lim

Expert Faculty

Meet & Hear From Global, Regional & Local Experts on Dacryology & Dry Eyes.

Mohammad Javed Ali

Professor Javed Ali  

Guy J. Ben Simon

Professor Guy Ben Simon  

Reynaldo M. Javate

Professor Reynaldo M Javate  

Jane Olver

Dr Jane Olver  

Choo Chai Teck

Dr Choo Chai Teck  

Habibullah Eatamadi

Dr Habibullah Eatamadi  

Yasushi Fujita

Dr Yasushi Fujita  

Yunia Irawati

Dr Yunia Irawati  

Kee Chee Kwang

Dr Kee Chee Kwang  

Yasser Khan

Dr Yasser Khan  

Khor Wei Boon

A/Professor Khor Wei Boon  

Daphna Landau Pratt

Dr Daphna Landau Pratt  

Lee Tian Loon

Dr Lee Tian Loon  

Lim Wei Kheong Jimmy

Dr Lim Wei Kheong Jimmy  

Ong Hon Shing

Dr Ong Hon Shing  

Ong Yew Kwang

Dr Ong Yew Kwang  

Raghavan Sampath

Dr Raghavan Sampath  

Sunny Shen

Dr Sunny Shen  

Rohit Shetty

Dr Rohit Shetty  

Swati Singh

Dr Swati Singh  

Katya Tambe

Dr Katya Tambe  

Petrina Tan

Dr Petrina Tan  

Shruthi Tara

Dr Shruthi Tara  

Mark Thong

Professor Mark Thong  

Louis Tong

Professor Louis Tong  

Murugesan Vanathi

Professor Murugesan Vanathi  

Nattawut Wanumkarng

Dr Nattawut Wanumkarng  

Stephanie Watson

Professor Stephanie Watson  

Scientific Program

Based on Singapore Time Zone (SGT)

Cadaveric Dissection, Surgical Demonstration & Skills Transfer Workshop

Open to 20 Participants Only/Session

External, Endonasal, Endolacrimal anatomy
Nasal Endoscopy
Lacrimal Microendoscopy

Surgical approaches

Endoluminal Lacrimal Duct Recanalization

Balloon Dacryoplasty

Lacrimal probing

Bicanalicular Intubation

Endoscopic Endonasal DCR

Discussion and Interaction with Expert Faculty from Dacryology & Rhinology

Cadaveric Dissection & Surgery
Time Activity / Topic Speaker(s)
AM: Live Surgical Demonstration by Experts
8:30AM - 12:30PM
Endoscopic DCR x2
Endoluminal Lacrimal Duct Recanalization

Surgeons: Dr Ong Yew Kwang, Dr Mohammad Javed Ali, Dr Gangadhara Sundar, Dr Blanche Lim, Emmanuel Lee/Alex Gungab
Floaters: Dayna Yong

Sponsors: Zeiss, Karl Storz, Medtronic, Fibertech
12:30PM - 1:30PM
PM: Ocular Surface & Dry Eyes Symposium
1:30PM - 5:00PM
Welcome Address by A/Prof Victor Koh
Introduction by A/Prof Manotosh Ray
Session 1
Chairs: A/Prof Ray Manotosh, Dr Stephanie Watson
1:30PM Evaluation and management of aqueous deficiency dry eye disease Dr Louis Tong
1:45PM Assessment and Treatment of MGD Dr Jimmy Lim
2:00PM Lacrimal and meibomian gland imaging in dry eye Dr Swati Singh
2:15PM Tear biomarker assessment in the clinics and impact on treatment Dr Rohit Shetty
2:30PM Post-surgical dry eye disease and ocular surface medicamentosa Dr Kho Wei Boon
2:45PM Newer pathways of dry eye disease Dr Rohit Shetty
3:00PM Q&A & Discussion -
Session 2
Chairs: Dr Rohit Shetty, Dr Charmaine Chai
3:15PM OSSN assessment and management Dr Stephanie Watson
3:30PM Ocular Graft versus Host disease Dr M Vanathi
3:45PM Cicatrising conjunctivitis assessment and management Dr Wong Hon Shing
4:00PM Recent advancements in corneal limbal stem cell transplant techniques Dr Stephanie Watson
4:15PM Corneal neurotisation Dr Raman Malhotra
4:30PM Ptosis surgery and Dry Eyes Dr Guy Ben Simon
4:45PM Q&A & Discussion -
Time Activity / Topic Speaker(s)
AM: Dacryology Symposium
8:30AM - 12:30PM
Welcome Address by Dr Gangadhara Sundar
Session 3
Chairs: Reynaldo Javate / Md Javed Ali
8:40AM Evolution of Lacrimal Surgery Md Javed Ali
8:50AM History of ISDDE Jane Olver
9:00AM Anatomy & embryology of the Lacrimal Drainage System Emmanuel Lee Boniao
9:10AM Congenital anomalies Katya Tambe
9:20AM Lacrimal Microendoscopy Yashushi Fujita
9:30AM Diagnostic endoscopy/endonasal anatomy with Radiologic correlation Alex Gungab
9:40AM Evaluation of the watering patient:
A DCR Perspective
An ELDR Perspective
Raghavan Sampath
Reynaldo Javate
9:45AM Discussion -
Chairs: Raghavan Sampath/ Choo Chai Teck
10:20AM TEARS scoring system Raman Malhotra
10:30AM Punctal abnormalities and management Choo Chai Teck
10:40AM Imaging of the Lacrimal System Kee Chee Kwang
10:50AM Dacryoscintigraphy and Dacryocystography in PANDO Yunia Irawati
11:00AM Challenge of medial canthal lesions Eatamadi Habibullah
11:10AM The 45 degree test in EndoDCRs Nattawut Wanumkarng
11:20AM Multidisciplinary approaches Blanche Lim
11:30AM Discussion -
12:30PM - 1:30PM
PM: Dacryology Symposium
1:30PM - 5:30PM
Session 4
Chairs: Guy Ben Simon / Nattawut Wanumkarng
1:30PM Intubation Systems & Balloon Catheters Daphna Landau Pratt
1:38PM Challenge of Canalicular Obstructions Gangadhara Sundar
1:46PM Lacrimal Drainage System Injuries Daphna Landau Pratt
1:54PM Endoluminal Lacrimal Duct Recanalization (ELDR) Reynaldo Javate
2:04PM Discussion -
2:20PM External DCR Yunia Irawati
2:28PM Endonasal DCR (mechanical, powered, GA & LA) Guy Ben Simon
3:36PM Bleeding in DCR Raman Malhotra
3:44PM Failed DCR – evaluation of patient Sunny Shen
3:52PM Revision DCR – external & endoscopic Nattawut Wanumkarng
4:00PM Discussion -
Chairs: Sunny Shen / Gangadhara Sundar
4:15PM Sinonasal complications of endoscopic lacrimal/orbital surgery Mark Tong
4:23PM Dacryocystectomy – is there still a role? Md Javed Ali
4:31PM Managing the post DCT patient Shruthi Tara
4:39PM When all else fails Gangadhara Sundar
4:47PM Lacrimal drainage System Tumors – The Leicester Experience Raghavan Sampath
4:55PM Navigation Surgery in Lacrimal Surgery-When, Why & How Md Javed Ali
5:03PM Discussion -
5:18PM Closing Cermony & Prizes -

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