NUH Ophthalmology Department would like to thank all participants of the NUH 36th Year Anniversary International Eye Conference.
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About The Conference

It gives us great pleasure to welcome you to our NUH Ophthalmology Department's 36th Anniversary held on the 21st - 22nd Jan 2022. We last met in 2016 to celebrate our 30th Anniversary. Six years on, our department has grown and achieved a lot, and we would like to invite you again to celebrate this milestone achievement with us.

NUH 36th Anniversary will focus on two key areas: (1) Recent advances in ophthalmic innovation and (2) Multi-disciplinary management of ophthalmic conditions. NUH Dept of Ophthalmology is uniquely embedded within a tertiary hospital with fully developed specialities. Through this conference, we hope to showcase and provide updates on our best practice in inter-disciplinary collaborations within and beyond Ophthalmology subspecialties. In addition, we hope to bring together regional and international faculty, and create a platform for thought-provoking discussions on latest developments in ophthalmic innovations.

With the on-going COVID-19 pandemic, we felt that it would be in everyone's best interest to keep this meeting 100% virtual. Not only will it keep us safe, but it will also enable us to involve all our regional and international friends to join us in this event. As the world warms up to the new norm of webinars and virtual meetings, the organising committee is committed to ensuring that our virtual platform will be interactive and conducive for all participants. We will also endeavour to accord participants with CME, CPE, and Nursing Credits where appropriate.

We sincerely hope that you will be able to join us in this celebration, and we wish you a wonderful experience at this virtual meeting.

Yours sincerely,

A/Prof Victor Koh

Head, NUH Ophthalmology
Chairman, Organising Committee
36th Anniversary NUH Eye Conference

Asst Prof Su Xinyi

Consultant, NUH Ophthalmology
Chair, Scientific Programme
36th Anniversary NUH Eye Conference


Prof Keith Barton

Prof Bart P. Leroy

Prof Carlos Pavesio

Prof Alan Bird

Prof Suber S. Huang

Prof Sir Peng Tee Khaw

Prof Paul Chew

A/Prof Mohammad Javed Ali

Prof Prem Subramanian


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Congress Programme

Based on Singapore Time Zone (SGT)

0800 ‐ 0830

Welcome Addresses / Opening Ceremony


0830 ‐ 1015

Session 1: Innovations in Ophthalmology

Chaired by Prof Paul Chew, Dr Su XinYi

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1015 ‐ 1040

Exhibition Videos


1040 ‐ 1225

Session 2: Paediatric / Ocular Oncology

Chaired by A/Prof Gopal Lingam, Dr Cheryl Ngo

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1225 ‐ 1255

Lunch Symposium


1255 ‐ 1315

Plenary 1: Meet the Masters

Chaired by Dr Su XinYi

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1315 ‐ 1445

Session 3: Dilemmas in the Retina

Chaired A/Prof Caroline Chee, Dr Paul Zhao

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1445 ‐ 1500

Exhibition Videos


1500 ‐ 1730

Session 4: Integrated Diagnostics in Retina and Neuro-Ophthalmology

Chaired by Prof Graham Holder, A/Prof Adrian Koh

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1730 ‐ 1750

Plenary 2: Meet the Masters

Chaired by A/Prof Caroline Chee

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0800 ‐ 0820

Plenary 3: Meet the Masters

Chaired by A/Prof Victor Koh

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0820 ‐ 1035

Session 5: Oculoplastic/ Asia Pacific Ocular Trauma Society

Chaired by Dr Gangadhara Sundar

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1035 ‐ 1050

Exhibition Videos


1050 ‐ 1125

Session 6: Cornea

Chaired by A/Prof Manotosh Ray

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1125 ‐ 1210

Session 7: Cataract and Comprehensive

Chaired by Dr Vivien Lim

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1210 ‐ 1240

Lunch Symposium


1240 ‐ 1300

Plenary 4: Meet the Masters

Chaired by Dr Chan Hwei Wuen

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1300 ‐ 1400

Meet the NUHS Alumni

Chaired by Dr Gangadhara Sundar,

A/Prof Caroline Chee & Prof Paul Chew

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Session 8: Multidisciplinary Ophthalmology,
Community Outreach and Optometry

Chaired by Dr Blanche Lim, A/Prof Clement Tan

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1400 ‐ 1445

Session 9: Advances in Neuro-Ophthalmology

Chaired by A/Prof Clement Tan

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1445 ‐ 1500

Exhibition Videos


1500 ‐ 1700

Session 10: Controversies in Glaucoma – Debates by Experts

Chaired by A/Prof Chelvin Sng

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1700 ‐ 1715

Closing Remarks

A/Prof Victor Koh

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